It’s Halloween, Can Christmas Be Far Behind?

Yes it is, Halloween is here. I have put out my two jack-o-lanterns, my two black cats, and fall leaves and flowers are all over the house, ready for the children who will come to get candy. I’m waiting for that.

I don’t mind the jack-o-lanterns, black cats or colored leaves but the kids are wearing such horrible costumes these days! most of them depict death or killing. Whatever happened to Snow White, snowmen and mama cutting eyes out of an old sheet, throwing it over her little boy and saying, “Now you are a ghost”. It seems to me, Halloween has been taken over by adults making money selling the horrible costumes.

Isn’t it strange that people spend more money, these days, than they do at Christmas? I have read that statistic in tv news so I can’t say that is the truth but I know they spend an awful lot. They put up grave stones in their yards, colored lights, and music depicting killing or death. I’m sure that the devil loves all of it. And, isn’t it stranger still that Halloween is a harbinger of Christmas,when we worship the day Jesus was born and we decorate our homes with peaceful items. After all, that cute little baby born in a barn grew up to die for all and who will accept him.

Those two holidays cannot be more different, yet they are both in the late fall. Why don’t we change Halloween, sometimes called “the devil’s holiday” into something else where the kids come around in costumes made by mom’s and the main thought isn’t death or killing. That would be a real harbinger of Christmas and the devil will stop smiling.



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