God’s Amazing Love

I have asked myself several times what I would like to do with America if I were God. We have mocked him, we have turned our backs on him, and gone our own way. Im talking to you Americans. You who have studied history enough that you know our for-fathers dedicated our country to God. And we haven’t fought when we decided abortion was good. Now,it has progressed to selling baby parts! And we didn’t even fight when our kids were not to use the Bible or pray in school. We aren’t supposed to say “Merry Christmas” at Christmas and many of us dutifully say “Happy Holidays”. This certainly is mocking God. The word, as you divide it, is Christ Mass, I don’t know how the world can change that. His Son, Jesus Christ was born that day.

Lately, the Supreme Court decided that Gay marriage is okay. Haven’t they read in the Bible, God’s word, that homosexuality is an abomination? How can something that is wrong marry? Oh, there are so many things wrong in our country.

If  I put myself in God’s shoes I think I would destroy America. Maybe a great flood would do it, oh but God promised he wouldn’t do that. Instead he sent his only Son to die for us in order to take away our sins. That is real love I would say. And it isn’t too late. If we turn back to God he loves us and won’t do anything bad. But we must turn back t0 Him if we want America to be what it used to be. Let’s watch what the candidates for President say so we will be confident in our choice. That’s the first thing we must do. Then, we must pray and do what we can to make us a strong America again.


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