My Woes Are Almost Gone

I have decided to write my woes in hopes that writing them will take them off my mind. First of all, I have a bum knee which decides to buckle at odd moments of the day. I’m not sure whether my knee gave out or what but one morning I was carrying in some clothes which I had been drying outdoors. You will remember I like to hang out my clothes whenever it’s possible, Anyhow I fell and hit my head which ended up being a concussion. This happened in May and I’m still going to nerve therapy because I still have dizziness which comes on me mostly when I don’t expect it.

About two weeks ago I found swelling and an ugly sore on my right breast. My doctor said “OH DEAR”. He was surprised at that ugly sore. He dug out some flesh around the sore and sent it off as a bi-opsy and put me on anti-biotics. The problem was I was allergic to the pills and I had an infection inside where the sore was. I had terrible pain and I was waiting to hear about the bi-opsy which turned out being in-conclusive so I had to wait for more tests. I finally had them yesterday and I found out I haven’t  got breast cancer. I was so relieved!  But the doctor said I would have to be on anti-biotics for a couple of weeks more! That means for me a couple of weeks more of something that makes me terribly sick, but he said I still had a lot of infection inside the breast.

I can laugh at my woes as I think about those who are suffering far worse than I. I think about the Christians over in Syria. Some get killed, some are used as sex slaves and what are we doing about it? And God has been with me all the way. I pray that God is working things out and is with them every moment of the day. But, if writing out my woes will stop me from thinking about them, so be it! I can get down on my good knee and pray for those Christians.



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