I’ve heard the day called several ways. One is Turkey Day, another is “The day before the big one.” Some even call it Football day. Whatever you call it, I hope it’s Thanksgiving Day because it is a proclaimed day to thank God who has given us all things. The day has been proclaimed by presidents down through the age of America.

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to make Thanksgiving Day a national holiday on November, 1863.  However, the day was kept by many from the earliest days of the Pilgrims. We would consider their day of Thanksgiving dinner quite bleak as their food was just what the Indians had taught them to grow. such as corn. I imagine they had turkey though because wild turkey was found all over the eastern part of America. In any case, they used the day to thank God and had no time for football and had no money for Christmas shopping.

I wish we had more thankfulness, not only for Thanksgiving Day but every day. God has been very good to us. I don’t think the short prayer (because we don’t want the food to get cold) is enough. God has given us our country (although we are abusing it), our food, shelter and our very lives.  A day of worship, prayer and just plain talking about him isn’t too much to ask.

We need God more than ever this Thanksgiving Day. All we have to do is look at France! They are experiencing horror attacks every day over there. We know they will come over here because we already have Isis camps here. That’s something to pray about, isn’t it? God is the only one who will protect us. Although we have to remember He says in his book that He also judges. We certainly are aware of the fact that we are killing babies, Not allowing school children to pray or read the Bible And destroying the meaning of marriage.

I picture a family together at the table eating a spacious dinner, but worshipping God at the same time. They get up and play games or visit together, inviting God to be with them. they’ll eat some left overs before the grown children have to go home really refreshed from their visit. I suppose I’m only dreaming though, but that’s enough for me today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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