The Joy Of Christmas

I don’t know but Mary and Joseph must have been upset when they knew the Son of God would be born in that stinky barn. They had suffered much grief at home when folks wanted to kill her for getting pregnant before she was married, and now this! Still I know they rejoiced when the baby was born.

The wisemen had journeyed hundreds of miles to find the King of Kings and must have had thoughts  of giving up, but they kept going. When they saw the star they rejoiced with exceeding great joy, the Bible tells us. Should we, who know now that Jesus was born in order that He would die for our sins be dreading Christmas as some do? And some of us are so busy we haven’t even thought about the child who was born that night.

Let me tell you a true story, and may it make us joyful this Christmas season. During the first World War, on Christmas Eve, the battlefield was strangely quiet. As the soft snow fell, the young men were thinking about homes and families.

Softly, one of the men began singing “Silent Night”. Others began to join in. When they finished, they were astonished to hear the song echoing across the foxholes across no man’s land. In their own tongue, the German soldiers were singing, “Silent Night. The air was soon ringing with that song sung by both American and German soldiers.

How different the world would be if we could join together around that song that goes like this: “Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, Holy Infant so tender and mild.” If only we could  love one another, no matter what color we are or what language we speak. Let our Christmas be like the one those soldiers celebrated that night so long ago. May your Christmas be exceedingly beautiful!


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