Welll, We arrived In 2016. Let’s Make It A Good One!

Have  you ever thought that it’s up to you whether 2016 is a good year or not.  Oh things can happen that you don’t particularly like, but your attitude can still be optimistic anyhow. And  your life can be peaceful too.

It all depends on how you look at God. If you look at him as real and walk with him each day, you will know how much he loves you and that he is in control of all things. So, no matter what, he knows about everything that can happen. Why then do we worry about IT!

I have found out that it is best to trust God in all things. If you have read my book, “He Leadeth me”, you would know the story, but I’ll tell it anyway. I was lying in bed listening to the radio when I recognized the song,”He Leadeth me” being sung by a man with a beautiful tenor voice. My grandfather used to sing that song accompanied by my dad at the piano. I was so engrossed  in the song and memories of grandpa andf dad and didn’t want the song to end but I did’t hear the last part because a harsh noise sounding like a big tree was going to land on my house, or better still, on my head. My house is in a beautiful place. A forest of big fir trees is just to the north of my house and there are big fir trees in my property and to the south and east of me.

I didn’t see the tree because it was a rainy, windy night, but I surely heard it! It sounded like it would hit awfully close to where I was lying. And it did…..But a big tree near my house steered the tree just enough to the west  so it landed there. In the morning I saw the 150 foot tree had landed close to my bedroom window  and had done very little damage, just a little scrape on the side of the house.

Now, because I trust God and know that he loves me, I wasn’t worried. If he wanted to take me home it was okay with me. If he wanted me to live, that was okay too. And if this littl;e tale becomes your teacher, that’s what I would like to see.Happy 2016  to you.






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