Yes, we had snow! And it lasted for a couple of days too. Though it is cold this winter, we haven’t experienced any more snow. I love snow. People say, “You wouldn’t say that if you had to drive in it.” I have some sympathy for them but I love it whetherI have to drive in it or not. I spent my growing up stage in Minnesota and my entire first marriage in Wisconsin so I’ve seen plenty of snow.

In Minnesota, I’ve seen farmers who shoveled out enough snow where their driveway met the highway. Then they drove their car in the space they had shoveled out and  put a tarp over the snow where they had shoveled and they had a garage right by the highway so they could get out whenever they wanted to.

My brother and I made a tunnel of snow from our house to the outhouse and we used it too! It was a whole lot better than going out in the Minnesota wind. Once I watched my mother use the tunnel. She had to crawl on her hands and knees all the way. I guess the wind must have been very cold that day.

There is quite a bit of talk about the earth warming these days but I don’t go along with it. I think God has arranged the sun he created to move in cycles so we are warming up for a few years and then we cool off for a few years. I’m old enough that I have gone through at least three of these. First I remember there was a lot of snow. The school buses wore sleds instead of wheels. Then we started having green Christmases, not much snow at all. After a few years we had a bunch of blizzards. The snow fell often those years. Lately, we have warmed up, but this year I notice we are cooling down again. Doesn’t that tell the story that God has planned it that way? I think it does and this Global Warming doesn’t mean all these people think it does. After all, God made the sun so he has the right to move it around whenever he wants to. Don’t you think?



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