My Grandparents

Sometimes I get lonely, and I know why. I forget that I am never alone. I miss my Grandpa. He was a very spiffy man. I remember his white derby hat, his tan pants and his striped tan suit coat. When he preached he always wore a black robe with a white ruffled thing around his neck. I guess he got that when he was ordained at the high church in Norway. He came to the United States after his ordination. He loved to sing and he would sing the hymns with a Norwegian brogue.

He decided one day to baptize my oldest daughter in our church which definitely was not Norwegian! His baptism was long and in Norwegian! Our Godparents were not, which made it hard to know when to answer his questions. Not only that but he turned toward the organist and said “I will now sing a song, will you play it for me?” After they got together on which song he would sing, it went okay. but The Godparents and my baby girl were still standing up on the podium. My baby girl behaved the entire time! The problem came because the church had bought one hour on the radio and the service was much longer than that but the radio people kept the radio going. I guess they also were intrigued with my Grandfather. When he died he was buried in a beautiful cemetery. My little boy ,only four years old, said during the solemn part of the service, “Is this place heaven, Mama! He married my Grandmother but I never met her, Mom told me she visited once in our little parsonage, but it must have been when I was very small. I do remember Dad taking the train to Philadelphia to visit her on her death bed.

The other lady I really miss is my grandmother on my mother’s side. We visited her, her two daughters and her son. None of them were ever married. I miss them too but today I am thinking about my grandfather and my grandmother,

Grandma was a wonderful lady. I am often told she went blind the day I learned to walk though I’m sure that was said to tease me. But she was totally blind. I used to wipe dishes for her and I’ve never seen any one wash them cleaner or brighter than she. She would go round and round on each dish and if she found a little bump on the dish she fixed it. She knew what time to put the potatoes on the stove, ready for my aunts to come home and she sure knew what time to put the radio on for Ma Perkins or when the Grand Forks Chiefs were going to play! She was knitting every time we came in. In fact, she knit a muffler for every man who went into the army during World War II. She was always smiling and happy. She prayed for “the boys who went to fight for me”. I feel a loss when I knew she was praying for me, Maybe she still is from her new home in heaven. Grandma married twice. Her first husband froze to death during a blizzard. Her second husband died in a sanitarium. I never met either of them.

There, you have met my grandparents. I’ll tell you about another person I miss next week. But I do know someone who never leaves me but always comforts me. He is Jesus. Do you know him?












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