My Mom

There isn’t much to say about Mom. She didn’t do anything the world would call Amazing. She was alway quiet, but she definitely was Dad’s wife. She went with him every place he went and that was a lot of places. He was pastor in the northern part of Minnesota while I was growing up. It wasn’t easy for her, but she washed our clothes and sewed most of them. She got us to bed and up in the morning to get us ready for school. and she made wonderful meals. Now all that was difficult in Northern Minnesota during the great depression. First she had to carry water almost a block in order to wash clothes. She made our clothes from clothes our aunts gave her. She made our meals on what she had canned. Yes, she was amazing! It was far different from Moms of today. I know there are men who say the mothers should stay home and never go out in the work force.  I tend to agree with them because there isn’t much work at home especially after the children are in school. Still. Mom is needed at home.

My mom got together all the colored paper she could find so we could make Valentines for all our schoolmates and for the may baskets which we set on our best friend’s door knobs. That reminds me, we don’t do that anymore. That was fun! You’d put flowers and some candy in the baskets and if the person you were giving it to was home, she or he would run and if they caught you they were to give you a kiss!

Mom didn’t tell us stories at all, not even Bible stories. She was so quiet. I wonder now what she was thinking. And she never told us she loved us. I often waited for her to tell us that. Four years after my first husband died, she wouldn’t even come to my wedding! But when she was lying in bed in our home, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was gone,  she raised up her bed and said, “I love you and I love Frank too.” I had waited over 80 years to hear that. A few days later Mom died in my arms as I was singing the old hymns to her.

That was my Mom. I cared for her but I never knew whether she was happy and I never knew what she was thinking, but she did care for us but I know she is happy in her new home now.


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