Primary Voting Time VS Primary Fighting time

It  seems to me that when people go to hear a speech by their favorite guy or gal, who is running for United  States President they go instead to gather in their own group and fight. I have seen signs indicating that blacks are important too, and that all people are important. I have even seen Ku Klux Clan dressed in their obvious uniforms. It seems that these people are not here they don’t want to hear the speech at all! They just want to fight with anyone who thinks differently.

Most of the fighting seems to be at a Donald Trump rally. I have my feelings about Donald Trump. He sounds like he is gong to make the world great all by himself! We, the people have something to say about all things, don’t we? If he becomes our president what will our America look like. I have listened to his speeches and if he will do what he says he’ll be forgetting Congress and we the people. Yet, he is the forerunner of all other Republicans who have been running for the office. And he has admitted that he will change his mind after he is elected.

People are angry and want a change and Mr. trump offers that. I understand that but when he offers too much, we should listen. Shouldn’t we? And when a guy promises he will make deals with hundreds of rich men my ears perk up! Maybe all of our ears should perk up and really think about what they are saying. I am, and I am not voting for Donald Trump.



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