What should I keep And What Should I Discard?

That is the question. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I have a lot of music I love to play, even though my fingers are covered with arthritis. I also have quite a bit of craft items, some of it is quite valuable and I don’t think any of my kids would want them.

I talked about this dilemma with some of the ladies, who are reaching the same age as me, One of the ladies, who had recently moved into a retirement home, shared her perspective:

“I found that your health plays a big part in deciding what to keep and what to either give away or discard. If you cannot do the things you used to do, the things you thought were so  important will seem less so,” she said.

And she probably is right. I have come into a time when I can’t move my old self like I used to, but I haven’t the gumption to get all the old things out. My file drawers are filled with stories I wanted to have published, Christmas cards from many friends and which I look at once in awhile and letters and pictures I’d hate to throw away. Of course, there is the music and tapes I think I really want.

Maybe I’d better just leave the stuff, but that would be tough for the kids. It does seem that God provides whatever we need when we need them. He takes the desire away when things no longer matters at the right time too. I guess I’ll wait for when God tells me that I should do what I need to do. That’s what I’ll do!

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