I’m Gonna Walk Without Pain some day

I’m sorry I missed writing my blog last week. but I am having trouble with my spine. I suppose you might be thinking,”two weeks ago she wrote that she was soon to be 90 years old. shouldn’tshe expect pain while walking?”

I don’t believe that, but I once believed it. I’d see an old person walking along with obvious pain and I’d feel sorry for that person. I thought that was a necessary thing  for old people and now that I am old I know better. God put me on this earth  and gave me certain days to live. Many people don’t realize that  but God is in control. Not only are we to live but we should do whatever we can to make things better right where we live. I don’t remember Moses ever retired. In fact, he just started his leadership when he was more that 80 years old! And the job he gave him was more than what we ever have to do. Just read his story. It’s in Exodus the second book in the Bible.

I have done pretty well for myself if you don’t mind my bragging. I have written and published a book and have another under construction and I sing solos whenever I am asked. I sing with a chorus of over 50 voices and have been quite irregular there because of my spine. I have been irregular in attending church too, and I have changed my mind. I have been to many doctors without change, but yesterday I went to a quite a different doctor and he asks the question, ” Are you ready to get well?” I answer “Yes” and I know,after reading his book and watching my son really changing his life, I answered correctly.

Our singing group named “The Marshallaires sing mainly to Nursing or retirement homes every Thursday, and when I look at the faces of many, who are younger than myself, who have given up. I tell them there is always something they can do. For instance, they can pray. We sure need some of that in our America!

I know from watching my son. The doctor will, at each meeting  adjust his spine and the rest is up to him. He is given exercises and told him the benefits of icing each time he is hurting and there are several exercise equipment he should use each time he comes in.The doctor depends on us to live without pain. I have always had a negative feeling toward chiropractors, but this one is different, sort of like a gym along with Chiropractic medicine. I have had one meeting with him and I have decided to get well by doing everything he advocates. The name of his practice is Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver Washington. Soon, I’ll be walking without pain. I really will!


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