The many trees now are in bloom. Its sweet smell filling the air, and it’s  beautiful to look at. They grow all around our neighborhood The azaleas are now in bloom too. I don’t even mind the spring cleaning outdoors because the sun is shining and it’s warm on my back. I had one tulip blooming in my garden. I wonder  what happened with the rest of the ones I planted last fall. Oh well, I can enjoy everything blooming in the neighborhood and that is enough.

You see, we have the 100 foot Northern fir all over in our yard and very near to me is a forest of the big trees. They  are beautiful  too, and they give us air conditioning when the temperature is high in the summer. I don’t like them in wintertime when the wind blows furiously. I call for God’s protection then. The trees let go of anything they don’t need and dump it on our ground. There are pine needles and branches all over our yard that must be picked up.

When I first bought  my home I was a single parent and many people couldn’t understand my purchasing that house. They would say,  “The house is in the woods where nobody can see you and the trees are so tall!” But I love the place and have lived here for 52 years! The problem is that I can’t grow anything that blooms. I guess it’s a good thing that I love the trees. I have some trouble cleaning up the yard though. My knees aren’t what they used to be so I have hired someone to come and clean up what the trees have left here. And all I do is put out my picnic table and chairs and clean out the stuff that has fallen into my pond and then sit by my pond enjoying my yard.

God has made spring a beautiful season of the year, hasn’t he?


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