Did God Draft Trump For The Job?

Everywhere in the Bible there are verses that tell us to honer our leaders. It also tells us that he puts people in their roles at a particular time for a particular reason. There must have been a job for president Obama but I can”t think of one! Anyhow, if Trump is elected President we are in for a wild time!

If Trump gets to be president He will surely shape things up and our country needs a good shaking. We are in a mess and really need a president that will do things his way. I have laughed at the very thought at Donald Trump running as a candidate and never thought he would come this close. Even his name could mean he will get elected. Donald means a world ruler and Trump sounds like a trumpet which will sound at the end of time. Kind of a scary thought isn’t it?

Many folks are considering not voting this year but I hope they change their minds. They say that Trump and Clinton are both wrong for the country. They may be right, at least in Clinton’s case. As far as I’m concerned, she should be in prison.

If God has chosen Mr. Trump as president, I will agree to vote for him. How about you?

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