I Am A Great Grandma

I sat looking at the pictures on my computer’s screensaver. They were all pictures of my Great Grandson, a little cutie, even if I say so myself! It seems to me that we are starting our family generation over when the latest born is a Grate and I have talked to several women with Grates who feel the same way. However, looking back I see Mom and  Dad, Grandmas (two) and Grandpas (also two), me and my brother and sister, my children (four of them) and now my Great Grandson. That’s five generations and I imagine I could go much farther back if I joined one of the clubs that studies generations. I believe all of the rest of mine would be found in Norway. That’s where my two Grandmas and my two Grandpas came from. I guess all generations are more than five, don’t you think?

I imagine it will always be that way, but it makes me sad when I see children born that don’t have or remember a father, or foster children who don’t know where they came from. Some parents even give their children away! It would be difficult to trace their generations, wouldn’t it? And I know the 50 million babies who were aborted will end up in many different  generations!

But God cares for us all. And all of us belong to his generation and he certainly is Great! However, he does have his rules just as parents have. We must come to him by looking at the cross where Jesus, his son, died and rose again. Believe this, and put all of our sins, no matter how bad we were, on him. Jesus will forgive our sins and we will be able to talk directly to God, our father who is definitely the start of all of our families generations. That’s why we must love everyone. We all came from God’s generation! I, for one, think that’s great.



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