This Crazy, Mixed Up World

Do you ever wish you could go back In time where there weren’t any computers, Internet, cell phones or even television? I do, there are many more things I’d like to return to.

There was no abortion in the 30’s or 40’s. Oh there were a few girls who went in a dark valley with a clothes hanger but, compared to today, there wasn’t any abortions. I sometimes wonder if we aren’t any better than the ancient people who offered their first-born child to one of their gods. God didn’t like that at all and I am sure he doesn’t like our abortion

He wouldn’t like the fact that we took his word, the Bible out of the schools either. I still have the picture in my mind of a girl reading the Bible in the class free time. She was harshly scolded by her teacher and kicked out of school! Prayer is not legal in school either! Although I don’t think that should be named at all because you can talk to God any time and silent too. There was none of that in the 30’s or 40’s. In fact, when I went to school the teacher opened each day with a Bible verse. We sang Christian songs too. And  we always had Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in picture form. Our Christmas program always had Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and shepherds and wisemen on stage. We girls all wanted to be in the play as Mary. We were allowed to leave school for an hour each week so our preacher could instruct us. That surely would not be legal now, would it?

The word ‘gay’ meant that we were happy and gay! Now we never hear that word used that way and it is sad. I don’t know why the homosexuals had to use that word either. Now, they can get married! That destroys marriage the way he ordained it.

Another phrase we shouldn’t use these days is “Merry Christmas”. Instead we are to use “Happy Holidays”. Yet, the day is Christs- Mass and we mark time with “2016, BC” Before Christ!

Our world is crazy, isn’t it? Why did all these things happen? Well, because we christians didn’t stand up and make sure that things will not change. After all, this nation was dedicated to God when it began. Maybe we should stand up again to change our world back again.  Wouldn’t that be nice?



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