My Grandchild And Her Clothes

My Grand daughter and I were going shopping for clothes the other day and she showed up wearing shorts, ragged at the bottom and not too much  of a blouse. I thought of telling her she shouldn’t go out shopping that way but I held my tongue. We went first to a thrift store where I thought she would get more for her money. We went up and down the aisles a young girl just entering her teens would like. She really didn’t look at the clothes that were there at all.

I said “You don’t like looking at clothes here at all, do you”

It took awhile but soon she answered, “No, I guess not.”

I looked at her ragged shorts and a top which didn’t have enough material in it but I didn’t say anything and we went to a department store. It didn’t take too long until she came back carrying ragged shorts and tops just about like what she was wearing except she had a pair of sensible shoes in her arms too! What was amazing to me was the young girls in that store were wearing much the same clothes as my grand daughter! They looked so much alike!  And the cost of the outfit she bought would have been much less at that thrift store. In fact, I saw a top just like the one she bought at the thrift store!

The reason I’m writing this blog is I’m worried about all these girls. There isn’t much to the outfits they go out of their homes with and there are men looking at them. Some of them just might do more than just look! I was a young girl once and I wore a skirt much longer than my knees and a blouse with sleeves and was tucked down in my skirt.And I thought I looked real nice. However, I had just another “Boy, things have changed” moment.

As my grand daughter and I, an old women of 90, left the store, we loved each other and we were happy we went shopping together.  “Let’s go for an ice cream, grandma.” she said. That sounded good to me too. Some things don’t change after all, I thought, as we walked hand to hand to the ice cream store.


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