It’s Convention Time, Finally!

Well, we are now in the convention Period! I thought we’d never get done with all the weeding out to find out who would be President, at least from the Republican point of view.The Republican Convention was first.

Now we have settled on one, Donald Trump. The only problem is that there are Republicans who do not want Trump to be their nominee. They say “Trump will never be president! It seems like the millions of American voters who wanted Donald Trump should be satisfied for Trump to be the nominee. But there are quite a few delegates who want someone else. It seems to me we must be satisfied with the American people’s vote.

I watched most of the first day of the Republican Convention which was labeled “How to get American great again through safety.” Most of the speakers, at least most of the ones I listened too, were great,only they didn’t give any solutions as to how they could make us safe. No one knows how to make safety work here in America.

I have a solution though. We should follow God. That’s simple enough! Our people in the government are following lucifer and most of the American people have gone along with it. You can read about it , or watch it anywhere. And I think most Americans would rather follow God than lucifer. All we need is leaders who know God.

Just think! If all people in America turned to God! Things would certainly change, wouldn’t they? It isn’t impossible either. We once had a country like that. Oh, there were a few who didn’t go along with that, but there were far more who did turn to God. We had Christmas, prayer in schools and more children were allowed to be born. That’s just a few of the changes if our leaders and we, ourselves, turned back to God.





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