My Daughter’s Emergency

My first daughter, JoAnne, was only four years old when it happened. I thought about it because she and her husband got home yesterday after taking a cruise. I am happy she got that chance. They took one that spent quite a bit of time on land. She took many beautiful pictures, making me feel like I was there too.

JoAnne was having pain in her stomach once in awhile when she was four,  but it was usually after a fight with her brother so I wrote it off. One night she began to scream in pain. I was alone as my husband was working on his Masters degree at the university of Oregon. We didn’t have a phone at that time so I sent my son to the owner of our apartment to use his phone to call my dad who took us to the hospital. She was still screaming. And she didn’t cry often.

The doctor said he must take out her appendix so I signed the necessary papers and when the doctor came out to the waiting room he told me he didn’t have to remove her appendix but she had cancer of the stomach and she would die in just three months! I couldn’t believe he said that, but my dad did, and told me to call my husband. Eddie said he would be home as soon as he could. He arrived just after JoAnne woke up from the surgery.

He said “Did the doctor order any tests. Did they take any x-rays? I would like to talk to that doctor.” He did, and the first thing he said was, “Why on earth did you give my wife her bad news the way you did? And why did you come to your conclusion so quick? I don’t think you did any tests at all!”

We took her to a specialist who examined and took x-rays and every other test available in 1958. When he finished he told us JoAnne didn’t have cancer at all. Instead, she was born with too small a tube between her kidney and her bladder. We needed to have him stretch the tube a little each week. We were moving back to Wisconsin soon, so the doctor called the University Hospital there and arranged visits there. We did the visits for over a year, and she has been fine ever since!

Quite a difference in doctors, wouldn’t you say? I wrote this because there are still good and bad doctors around in 2016. It is wise to check on which doctor you need.


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