My Journey

I had often been told, “Don’t ever go to a Chiropractor” so I went on my way believing that, until I watched my son improving each time he was adjusted. Not only was his back getting better but he didn’t need to take any allergy medications! He couldn’t walk before he went to see Doctor Troy. My son kept telling me I should go too. I had taken some X- rays which showed I had a pinched nerve in my back. I put it off saying, ” I can take the pain. After all, most folks have pain somewhere when they are as old as I am!”

I’m not sure If the pain changed my mind, or watching my son’s improvement or with the referral slip my doctor sent, but with some hesitation I decided to try it! The first thing I saw when I stepped into Doctor’s office was a big sign with a poem on it about the many reasons we should hug.I liked that and my stomach quieted down a little. The girls who talked with me were very friendly but they didn’t hug! My son had told me that the first thing you did was to use the exercise equipment they had in the room facing a bunch of little rooms.I was apprehensive about that. I didn’t enjoy exercising one bit. Soon I met Doctor Troy. He was awfully nice and my stomach quieted down a lot. He took some x-rays and told me It would take me six weeks and I would be well again. There was no pressure at all but I figured It would great if I didn’t have any pain in six weeks so I decided I would do it!

The little rooms facing the exercise room? Well, they were the rooms where the adjusting  was held. It didn’t take long, just a few minutes, but that was enough! I’ve been in one of those rooms several times and I’ve discovered that those who said,”Don’t ever go to a Chiropractor” were wrong. I’ve got to decide if I want to get well first and then Doctor Troy will help me reach my goals. If you have pain, why not try having a Chiropractor reach your goals and enjoy the exercises he will give you. After all, the Chiropractor and I are working to heal me.



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