The Coloring books

When my husband died my four kids got together and decided that one of the kids would have to live with me. The decision was made and one day Ron arrived. I wasn’t happy that any of my kids felt that I couldn’t manage things in my big house alone, but I have to admit it is nice to have him here, and there are many things I  can’t handle alone. He made his home in the three bedrooms and bath my kids used to occupy, and I have the family room and craft room along with my bedroom and bath. We share the kitchen. But there is one room left, the living room. It just seems to be there. It sits there looking beautiful, always ready for company. I guess it divides his home from mine.

Yesterday was Ron’s birthday and one of the things he wanted was a coloring book, and I was really surprised! He does editing books and the podcast many of you have watched. If you haven’t watched it you should. It is titled “Ron’s Amazing Stories” on the internet. His friend and fellow podcaster made a coloring book depicting some of his stories. Ron thought that was a good idea so that’s why he asked for one. I was amazed, and couldn’t see him sitting at his desk coloring! I have been wanting a coloring book for adults for quite a long time so I ordered one when he ordered his. So, for his birthday you could find us diligently coloring in our books! And, it is fun!

So if your husband or grown up son asks for a coloring book, even if he seems to be like my son, just get it for  him! This coloring book is definitely for men and women, especially those who have seen his stories on the internet. And, the coloring will be a wonderful activity for you too. It is something I never thought I would do again. but I remember coloring in books when I was a little girl. I liked it then and I like it now.



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