There Are Two Gates

The Book of Matthew in our Bibles tells us that there are two gates, one is very narrow and one is broad. Which one are you traveling on? It feels like the whole country of America Is going full speed heading for the broad gate. Yet there are some people walking steadily toward the narrow one. But we must not even mention Jesus in our conversations. We are told to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas. We surely can’t pray in school, or read the Bible in  public.

Yet, we follow those who tell us those things. Are we afraid? Our Bibles contain rules too, don’t forget. Instead of those silly sayings there are other rules people in Congress have made which we should fight against. We should fight against killing our babies. I’m sure God doesn’t like that! We should fight against homosexual marriage, in fact, our Bibles states God says he is against homosexuality in the first place. We should use his name in praise, not the  way you hear it on the streets!

If we keep our mouths shut about these things we are walking to the broad gate and God says many will go in through that gate. If we stand up against these things we are walking towards the narrow gate and God says few are them that find it. It’s hard to find the people who will stand up but they are around. It’s only that they are silent. It is time to make ourselves known. And that goes for me too. Let’s fight, shall we?


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