Sing The Words, Someone Might Need Them

I was going through some of my old text books and papers from a long ago college writing class and came upon a story I had written and I thought you might like the story too.

Bobby was a little boy in my Sunday School class. He was swinging a little too high on a swing close to our house and he fell off the swing and hit his head on a rusty tomato can. We weren’t as careful about getting rid of things as we are today! Someone came by and  saw him lying on the ground. It seems a bit strange that he was all alone at the time he fell as he was only four years old. He was taken to a hospital in the next town. There was no hospital in our little town, and, as I think about it now, I don’t think we had a doctor in town either! After a few days, Bobby died.

I don’t know how it came about but I was asked to sing for his funeral. I was only four years old too! I don’t even know how it came about but I wore a white dress, white stockings and white shoes! I never had such beautiful clothes. Mama must have borrowed them but I surely remember wearing them that day, and I remember standing up in front of the church filled with people ready to sing “In the Sweet By and By” which I had been practicing at home. This wasn’t home though, and I was scared. I was glad that Mama was at the organ that day.

I started to sing and the people started to cry! I imagine there were many people not crying, but it seemed to me that everyone was crying and I didn’t know what to do! I must be singing very bad, I thought. I sort of slid over  to the organ and I whispered to Mama,”should I quit singing? I made everyone cry.” Mama smiled at me and whispered “keep on singing, You are doing so well.”

So I finished the song and then ran out of  the church. Later, I asked Mama “Why did all the people cry when I was singing?” Mama answered,”Because you were singing so well. When you sing, always sing the words of a song clearly. You were doing that and the words went straight to their hearts and they were sad thinking about Bobby.”

Though I sang that song over eighty years ago I’ll never forget it, nor will I forget what Mama said. I have sung hundreds of songs since that day and I always sing the words clearly. Lately I have heard songs that don’t seem to have any words in them, just gibberish. What good is that to anyone who really needs a song?



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