Something Is Added To Life When Blind

I was watching an old episode of “Little House On The Prairie” this afternoon. My thoughts went out to people who became or was born blind. Mary, in that episode, became blind. She had to go to a school in order for her to live a good life, but I know many who haven’t had that schooling yet they live graciously and happily, never grumbling about their infirmity. The first one, and I don’t even know her name, was sitting in a chair in my doctor’s office. I didn’t know she was blind until I saw she was reading a brail book.I sat down beside her and asked her what she was reading. She smiled and said “This book is a magazine, Women’s Day. There is a lot of good articles in it.”

I began looking for her at the doctor’s office. She told me she lives alone. That shook me a little and I asked her how she gets where she wants to go and she told me with a smile on her face. She said,”I’m so thankful for C- Tran. The bus takes me where I want to go and then comes to get me.” I guess this is the time to raise our hands in praise that our city offers this to people who are handicapped.

The second one I want to tell you about is a man with a beautiful tenor voice. I was the choir director and heard his voice somewhere in the church. I tried to find him but no one had seen him. One day he found me after church. I, of course, didn’t know he was the man I was looking for. He asked me if he could join the choir. I wondered how he could handle the music, but I asked him to come and told him when we met. He came with his wife, a small cassette, paper and pen.And I can tell you he learned the anthems before any of the other men in the choir. He copied the tenor part on his cassette and his wife wrote the words of each anthem, and they must have had a grand time at home. He, certainly did not let this blindness stop him!

But the most important person I want to write about is my grandma. She became blind the same year I was born. She often joked that she didn’t want to see me. That’s why she got blind. She was alone during the day as her daughters worked at a women’s wear store. but she worked at home and knew what time she should start dinner. She watched “Ma Perkins” and some other soap operas too. And she was a faithful listener to “The Grand Forks Chiefs” never missing a game. She knit mufflers for any boy in town she heard about and was the “Mother of the year” for the city a couple of times. The armed service band came to her house twice and played for her. She was an amazing women.

And so it seems the blind people have something that seeing  people don’t have. Maybe we should learn what it is and add it to our lives, don’t you think?


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