What’s Going On?

Whatever happened to Issis? We used to hear about them every day in newspapers, televisions or computers. We walked along carefully , worried that something would happen. Now, all we hear about is Hillary and Trump, certainly not the kind of candidates to run for President of our country! Lately we have watched several times as Hillary has fallen down and coughed a lot! What has happened to her? I have read that she has a brain tumor, Parkinson disease and I guess the people who know have decided on pneumonia! How can that be? Her doctor said it was pneumonia on Friday, yet she was at the 9-11 ceremony on Sunday! It’s tough to know what her trouble is.

We have also watched Donald Trump speak. He sounds pretty good but I for one can’t tell     by talks whether or not he will make a good president. If he only had thousands of E-mails to study, like Hillary has, maybe we could tell which one to vote for. Anyhow, I hope the people that run this old world will keep things together while we listen and read about Hillary and Trump!

You know, the whole thing is in God’s control. If more people would put their trust in Him, we could sit down and watch what God will do. Because He will keep our country as it is, or He could destroy it! It is entirely up to Him! I do know that He wants more of us to trust Him, but in reading the Bible He hasn’t always done what the people wanted. Let’s just turn on our televisions and watch and see what Hillary and Trump are doing or let’s get out our Bibles and see what God will do if we  trust Him.


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