The FallOf Long Ago

Fall isn’t what it used to be. In fact, This year I don’t feel like fall, that exciting feeling that something is going to happen that I will like. I would get up early in the morning and rush outside to smell the air. All I get today is the gasoline smell from the many autos around here. I guess it is because I now live in the city. I loved the falling leaves in the small town our family enjoyed, We raked them into a pile, not because we were helpful, but because we liked to jump in them. The leaves had an aroma unlike any perfume you would find in any store. It smelled like fall!

When the piles were just leaves lying on the ground, we’d pile them up again and wait until daddy came home. In fact, we had to wait until supper was over and the dishes were washed! We had our blankets or lawn chairs ready and when daddy walked slowly up to the pile of leaves, excitement mounted! Then he scratched a match and the burning leaves started to burn leaving the smell of burning leaves. We watched as the fire grew bigger and bigger and we moved our blankets farther away. We sang songs we loved until the fire was only a pile of black stuff that didn’t smell good at all!

A walk in the woods was fun in the fall too. The sound of our feet walking or running over the leaves made a sound like fall too. We would pick some of the most beautiful leaves to bring home for some of the old folks who couldn’t get out for a walk.

Yes, I did love fall, even putting on the storm windows, or filling the woodbox with wood. Daddy had some hay delivered and we’d put the hay on the ground beside the house to keep us warm when the north wind was blowing. Those chores were fun and made fall a great time of year. Now, when I see leaves, wet and brown, lying on the ground, I don’t get that exciting feeling, but I can remember way back when fall was really fall. And dreaming isn’t so bad even when I am too old to jump in the leaves!


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