You Are Never Too Old

I woke up one morning a few days ago with a voice that said, “You are not done yet.” I wasn’t sure whether someone was talking to me, or if it was just in my mind. I asked my son if he had heard anything or did he call out something to me, but he said he hadn’t called anything. I thought it must be something in my mind but it didn’t matter because it was true!

I was looking around at the members of our “Marshallaires”, which is a singing group of about 50 voices all made up of us older men and women. None of them have given up. We practice two hours each Monday and put on a concert of the old songs and some hymns every Thursday at Nursing and Assisted Living Homes. Many of these singers are over 80 years old and even some 90 years old! (I fit into one of those over 90) We find ourselves singing to many people who are younger than we are. Of course some of them have disabilities which keep them there, but some of them have given up. This is sad. God has given all of us a certain amount of years on this earth and it is up to each of us to do what we can to help others.

I have seen some of the people in Nursing Homes who have done what they could do.Some of them are artists who paint beautiful pictures and some play the old songs for anyone who will listen. I am sure there are many other things those folks do. A smile to someone who needs just that or a prayer for the person who needs that is probably more than we who sing for them could ever do. But don’t ever think you are too old to do anything. You aren’t dead yet, and there is something you can do! Don’t even harbor a thought that you are too old now to do anything!


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