Are we any better off today?

I’m in a kind of reflective mood today, a bit of thinking about the past, and wondering how the kids of today will grow up. Will they be ready and able to rule our country and our Christian churches in the future?They will probably do a better job than the presidential candidates of today. At least I hope so. I often wonder if technology isn’t the culprit? I know regular face to face conversation just doesn’t exist anymore. At least at my home it doesn’t! The children and grandchildren come in and take out their smart phones and play with them until it’s time to go home. That probably isn’t completely true, but you get the picture. Everyone knows everything about everyone in the world, at least that’s what they say. I don’t know if anyone knows who THEY are though.

We have everything that runs like a clock, that is as long as we have electricity. What in the world would we do without it? And we hear that it is possible now for someone who doesn’t care particularly for America to take our electricity down very easily. What on earth would we do if we couldn’t charge our computers, tablets or smart phones?

In our little town in Northern Minnesota, we didn’t have electricity! So togetherness was a must! We sat around the table together doing our homework with only a kerosine lamp as our light. We used tablets regularly because that was the paper we wrote on. Wood was our only heat, although we did use coal some of the time. We didn’t have such a thing as radio or television but nearly every home had a piano, and we had more fun just standing around the piano singing the hit songs of that day. Hayrides were fun. We’d sing as we rode along. We had Christmas trees too, but they had candles on them. They were beautiful but you couldn’t let them burn very long! I remember the first time we had those big bulbs on our tree. I thought that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

No, things were not easy. Washing clothes took all day. Gathering the wood or coal for our stoves was hard work for the whole family, and making our clothes with the old sewing machine on which you had to pump with your feet wasn’t easy either. But we did everything together and most of that we made fun.  I’m sure that our lifestyle made us the rough and tough folks that many called “The greatest generation”. We are raising a new generation with the high tech to help them out, and I am sure they will do okay because they are Americans too.


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