He Leadeth Me

Have you ever thanked God for helping you getting through a rough time in your life? Ill tell you about one time I was very thankful. That time is written about in my book “He leadeth me” which is available through Amazon, an E book.

I was a young married woman who had lost two sons, one was stillborn and the other lived a little while, but not long enough that the nurses could bring him to me. I don’t know why but I’ll find out when I see Jesus face to face. Anyhow I could not be thankful then, I could only ask “‘why”.

At that time my husband was working at his father’s roofing and insulation business. He hated going up on a roof. He felt scared all the time. His last roofing job had him going up to the top of a high church. He felt God talking to him, telling him to complete his college education and become a teacher. He was reluctant to tell me what he was feeling, but one night he let it all out, saying “I know we haven’t got any money but If this feeling is from God, shouldn’t we try anyway? I know I’m not going up a roof again!”

We decided to go to the college and find out how long it would take before graduation. He found that he could graduate in one and one half years. That was less than he had thought! while he was at the college I was just walking the streets thinking “I wonder if any of these stores have a job opening sign.” Just then I saw a help needed sign in Montgomery Ward. I decided to go in. I got the job! We had two things to thank God for!

We thought as long as we were here we might just as well run in and visit a friend there. We talked awhile and he said “I am thinking about renting out the upstairs but I don’t have the money to make it into an apartment.”

We looked at each other in disbelief. Finally we said we were looking for a cheap apartment and asked if we could look at the upstairs. It was three bedrooms and a bath, not connected in any way. But if we could rent it that way it would be fine for us. He was overjoyed, named his rent and all was decided. So we had his college fixed, I had a good job and we had the rent! We were thankful to God. He must have had the thing planned waiting for us to move.

The year wasn’t even half over when I discovered I was pregnant. I thought it would be okay because I could go on working, but when I was five months along, my doctor said I must quit working or we would lose this baby too, so I quit. Life was hard then. My husband got a job in inventory at a grocery store. The owner gave us a large box of apricots and a big bag of oatmeal. That was our menu the rest of our stay. We’d eat“““““““““ oatmeal for breakfast, apricots for lunch and we’d have both for dinner!

As time went on, soon it was time for our baby to be born. I got to the hospital okay but I was given something to knock me out and slow the birth down because the doctor wanted to finish his golf game before he came. A doctor who was just out of the army was looking at Dodgeville as a place to set up his practice. He was just standing around when my son decided it was time to be born. When he was born, the Army doctor said, “I know just what that baby needs. I had a couple of them just before I left the army. He took the baby in his arms and said to the nurses, “Get ready, we’ll have to work all day and all night.” Our baby had to be completely transfused, a little of blood at a time. 85% of his blood was transfused! Now I know this is common now, but at that time it was rare. But our baby is a pastor over 60 years of age now. He was the first totally transfused baby in Wisconsin. We thanked God and are still thanking Him.

God cares for all of us, don’t ever forget that. Next time you hear that still, small voice, do whatever He says. If you are a person that doesn’t think much of God, I hope and pray this blog will help you to believe,


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