The leaves And Flowers Will Come Again

I don’t like looking out my windows today.  The wind has been blowing all week, and I hear the wind will blow the rest of this week as well. Twigs, evergreen branches and leaves all have decided to land on my property. I look over to my neighbors lawn and it looks pretty good compared to mine!

Although my lawn looks bad right now, it will look pretty again when the flowers are in bloom, the grass is a pretty green and leaves will grow back on the trees. How can anyone believe that there is no resurrection in human beings? I know that many churches preach that there isn’t one, but somehow they believe Jesus died and rose again for us.

We too, will be resurrected after we die. Much like the flowers that comes alive after a winter. We too will also have a different body when we are resurrected. There will be no pain, sickness or other handicaps. Jesus didn’t have quite the same body. Some people didn’t recognize him until he prayed, or like Thomas who said he wouldn’t believe until he saw the thorns on his head and nails on his hands. He did believe when he saw those things. I will be glad when I don’t have knees and back hurting all the time!

So, I should enjoy the trigs, evergreen branches and leaves all lying in my ground. My yard will look pretty when spring comes. and I will have no pain when my spring arrives! You will too when you are resurrected if you believe Jesus is the Son of God who loves you if only you believe.


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