Halloween Isn’t What It Used To Be

It seems that Halloween is changing again. When I was at a Halloween store I saw mainly men and women looking at things and many of them bought them. There were no children at all! These adult men and women hold parties either at someone’s home or at a fine  hotel and everyone comes dressed in their costumes. Drinking and dancing is their activity for the night. Where are the kids? Not a one turned up at our house. We had candy that will last quite awhile! I suppose there are kids in costume going around their neighborhoods   but there seems to be fewer each year and those who do go are always accompanied by an adult. And I don’t blame them. There are so many bad people around.

Gone are the days when every kid dressed up in whatever Mom could make and off they would go up and down the streets, knocking at doors, and their bags were getting quite full! I can remember those days. I would make up costumes using the material I had. My kids never had costumes that were bought. Neither did any of their friends!

Gone are the days when we didn’t even think about going to a house and asking for candy but we had parties at one of our friends home, or if we were the lucky ones that invited the kids to our home. We played games and always had a bobbing for apples game. Sometimes we had a hayride pulled by a horse. It would always be at night and we’d sing songs of the day as our horse pulled us around. I remember that was a lot of fun!

Or if we went even farther back when I was too little for the parties at homes, celebrated Halloween at school. We decorated our room with orange and black tissue paper and played games. Our schoolwork was forgotten that afternoon! but when it was dark at night, Daddy and all the other men in town went out in their outhouses and stayed there, because the big boys went around tipping the outhouses over. We even had a light in our outhouse so Daddy was especially careful of ours!

Take your pick. which of these celebrations would you like to be a part of? I think that the  day of Halloween has changed more often than any other, don’t you?


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