It’s November 8th

Have you voted? You are an American, and Americans must vote! It has been a long primary, almost two years. We started off with about 18 candidates on the Republican and 2 on the Democratic sides and finally ended up with two! It should be an easy choice as long as one of them is fighting to stay out of jail, but she has a big following so it’s hard to tell.

I know that God is in control of the election and we can rest in that thought. He has stepped in before and will step in now. In the Old Testament of His word, one of the stories is that after the Jews had been punished for years wanted badly to go back to their homeland, Jerusalem, where they wanted to rebuild that city. King Cyrus had turned the Jews down several times. He was a wicked king. But God  moved his heart and gave them resources needed to rebuild the city. The exiles were free! God can set us free in this election too.

God’s ability to help even us  is absolutely limitless. All things concerning your situation, including the hearts of people in authority over you is in His hand. The worst thing we can do is trying to go our own way. So, we should thank Him for what He is doing for America and have peace in our hearts, not only now, but in anything you are facing  too. It’s time to turn on the television to find out how the election is going. Bye for now!


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