We Gather Together,Why?

Mr. Trump is now President Trump Elect, so why are those people with their signs and loud screaming in the streets? It looks like they are still campaigning for something or another, but I don’t think they are winning because they set fires to cars and our American flag. It’s good that people gather together but we have to have a good reason for the gathering.

I don’t think people gather together much anymore. I’ve been in churches where new people are not welcomed and everyone hurries to their cars as soon as the service is over. It’s like they might catch something if they talk to someone, or heaven forbid if they touch a fellow worshipper sitting next to them. If only folks would “GatherTogether To Ask The Lords’s Blessing” as they sing that song. If we could just start talking to one another the whole wide world would come together. I think it is one of the reasons we are such a divided country.

I heard about a group of musicians who decided to form a band. They called their group Tryad. They never saw each other. They contacted each other only by E-mail or other social media but recently they made an album! I surely don’t know how they did it but I am told the music is beautiful. I know they didn’t gather together!

Things were different in my day. For one thing the church was the main gathering place. Here is where folks gathered around the piano to sing. Here is where a game of tag might be played by the younger crowd. Here is where everyone ate together, the good food was brought from the women who secretly hoped their dish was the best. And they gathered together nearly every week! They got to know one another and always had one or two families for dinner during the week. My thoughts are from a small town, but I am sure the church members in a large city did the same thing.

I don’t imagine we could have the same gathering together today, but we could gather around our schools,churches or even stores, couldn’t we? The media people and our politicians keep talking about “Stand up and get all of us together”, but none of us knows just how do we do that? We seem to have lost that ability. Maybe we can start gathering together and the rest of the folks can join us. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?


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