What Is Marriage

Why did you get married? Is it only because you love him or her, or my Mom and Dad want me to get married, Or is it just the ceremony? Yes, the marriage ceremony is beautiful, and you do love him. But do you know what marriage is? I have been married twice. My first husband died when he was still in his thirties. We were married in the church, but I didn’t care too much about the words. My thoughts were on the beautiful ceremony and I was marrying the man I loved. I knew the words came from the Bible and all the rest of it had Bible thoughts in them. I still didn’t know what marriage really is until a marriage counselor told me in a radio Bible study recently.

He said the real meaning of marriage came first in the Old Testament. Adam and Eve took God with them as they walked together in the garden. And we don’t hear much about them after God took the garden from them,  Marr




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