No Obstacle is too big for God

In the olden days, much older than you or I, In fact I’m writing about Moses in the Old Testament. When Moses had led the children of Israel forty years in the wilderness they finally came close to where they should enter the promised land. Ten spies were chosen by Moses to go in and see who was there and what was grown there. Eight of the men came back scared to death.’ “The people over there are like giants” they said. “We can’t go over there!”

They were so very close to receiving the desires of their hearts, but they were so intimidated by the obstacles they wanted to give up. I don’t know what they intended to do, but they were not willing to go into the promised land.

Caleb and Joshua, were the two other spies who entered the promised land brought back grapes that were larger than melons and said, “This place is beautiful!” They knew that God would go with them. No obstacle could stop them as long as God is at their side.

Think about it. God hasn’t changed. No obstacle is too big for you when God is with you and if it is in His will. Obstacles tell us how much faith we have. If we have faith God promises in His Holy Word, He will go with us and He will help us if we ask Him believing that He will do whatever we ask in His will. too many of us don’t believe He will heal us, give us what we need or any other obstacles in our path,



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