My Son

Starting a few days ago, I had three falls right in a row! Now I know an older person is more than likely to fall, but I felt that three is too many, don’t you? On the first two there wasn’t much damage, but the last one was different. I cracked some vertibras and made my back hurt worse than before. My doctor told me I had to stay in bed, getting up a little each day so I don’t get weak, for 6 to 8 weeks! That sounded awful to me. I knew I  would have to have someone caring for me. That sounded awful too.

The four kids had a talk. One was teaching school, One was working for the school district and was a pastor’s wife, one was a pastor in New Mexico and that left my son. He was an electrical engineer but lost that when our whole world went crazy! He started up his own business on the internet which, of course, meant he could do his work at home, So, he was chosen the one who could take care of Mom. There was one problem though. He was a loner. Yup, he liked to be alone. He moved his stuff into two bedrooms and, for him, this was home! We went along smoothly the first few years. I was able to do housework and outdoors work and even built a pond out in the back yard. He helped me whenever I needed help. However. I have needed more and more help each year. I am 90 years old now and with me mostly staying in bed for 6 to 8 weeks, I will require much more help.

I know he gets frustrated but he always puts his frustration on something else like his computer, or the weather or the car, but  I know he is frustrated he can’t go anywhere or do anything he wants to do because he has to take care of me. I learned much about this son of mine. He really cares about people. Yesterday he took his best friend’s mother to the hospital and helped them out as much as he could. He does everything he can to help his sister who is the mother of two girls and has no husband to depend on. And, he takes good care of me, more than I appreciate.  He often says,”I want to be alone for awhile.”    I do because I know he really does need to be alone for while.

I think this whole thing was put together by God, his job being lost, his new job and my needing someone to care for me. I am one who likes to do everything my way, without any help. But I have learned to soften myself some and make it easier for my wonderful son do the things he has to do. All in all, we are getting along quite well. I wrote this blog thinking it might help someone else who has this problem.


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