What’s The difference?

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I’ve been studying in Jeremiah and Ezekiel of the Bible lately. Those two books carry much of the suffering the children of God will experience because of their sinful behavior. they broke all of the ten commandments God had given them. For instance, they didn’t pay any attention to the sabbath day but treated it like any other day, they killed their babies by throwing them into a fire, sacrificing them to a god made of wood  or stone, they sinned by carrying on terrible sex crimes and they had forgotten God.

I’m old enough to remember the way America used to be. Nothing was open on Sunday! It would be impossible to buy a loaf of bread as well as a can of beer on Sunday. I remember several farmers who wouldn’t go out in the fields to work even when rain was predicted for the following day! The churches were filled with people and everybody talked about God. Oh, I can’t say everyone was an angel! but we had more people that were trying to be good than those who weren’t!

What about today? Why our stores and other business places are wide open on Sunday. We have forgotten God. I believe Sundays cash registers are more filled than any other day of the week! We kill our babies, calling it a choice for women. How about the baby? doesn’t he have a choice? Every sex crime is happening in America. Even the sex crime God names in his Word as abominable. We even let them get married! No I don’t think America is any better than the Israelites were over 500 years before Jesus was born.

Do you think God gave us one more chance by putting President Trump in charge? He put the people of Israel in exile in a variety of countries where they were slaves. Where will he put us? No, I think he is giving us another chance to change. Are we going to change?


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