Why Pray?

TAG Spiritual

My elder son is lying in bed suffering from Gout. It’s a terrible disease that comes, then is gone for a while but always comes back, each time leaving a part of it permanently. He is a Lutheran pastor and  has had to retire except for preaching once in awhile.He and his wife live at Rio Rancho, New Mexico, quite a distance from my home in the Pacific Northwest so I can’t see him very often. However I can pray and the distance does not seem as far. Do you pray? It’s important to God, the person you are praying for and yourself.

Some don’t see that prayer is very important because God knows what we will say anyhow, so why pray? Some don’t pray because the person we should pray for knows we care. Some people don’t pray because they don’t have the time. God has given us 24 hours every day, don’t you think you could use a few minutes to pray for that loved one who could use the prayer?

However, some pray because they don’t believe in God. That’s sad. All they have to do is look out their window. They will see the blue or cloudy sky or the moon and stars at night. Don’t you ever wonder who made that? The trees now have little buds on them and soon the trees will be sporting green leaves. Why? last fall we saw all the  leaves falling dead on our lawns. Who makes sure that we have four seasons? Oh I know, some bad things happen but they happen for a reason, or God says, “It is time for this person to come home.”

You must have something to pray for. Why not take the time to pray? And if you can’t think of anyone there is always my son who is lying in bed suffering from Gout!


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