Where Have All The Christians Gone?

Those opposed to everything are here, the people who are throwing stones at store windows and take what they want inside! Others are busy burning our American flag or setting fire to automobiles. They are carrying home made posters saying all kinds of things and they scream out pornographic words. They seem to do this in most of our American cities. Why? If folks ask them why they are doing what they are doing, most of them say: “The Professors let us out of class,” or “Who wouldn’t do this? I’m paid pretty good.” Most of them say, “I don’t like Trump.” I believe they are organized by some American haters who seem willing to use their wealth in this way.

Most of the rest of the folks are Christians, or they are good Americans, but where are they? We, and I put myself in that category, would never throw stones at store windows burn the American flag, set fire to automobiles or scream out pornographic words. Shouldn’t we do something? We could be organized by someone who is greater than the whole bunch of protesters and that is God. The Bible tells us that he has whittled down armies of men to less than 300, in order to fight big armies.

Now, I don’t think we should go out and fight those protesters. Even though we would be a much larger army, we wouldn’t want a civil war on our hands, would we? We should all be praying for America and ask God for guidance as to what we should do. Let’s stand up for the things that are right and get down on our knees and pray, right away. there is no time to lose!


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