How’s Your Faith?

My faith isn’t too good when you put it up to Abraham’s, you’ll remember from your old Sunday School days, when God told him to leave his home, wife, children and animals  in Oz and go. He didn’t tell him where to go, just follow Him. That took great faith, wouldn’t you say? And there is this : One day Abraham was told to take his son up in the mountains and offer him up as a sacrifice. I am sure he was confused at first. He didn’t want to murder his son, but he went. He even had his son carry the sticks for the fire. Just as he was about to put his son on the fire, God called him not to do it! He even provided a ram to be used as the sacrifice! I look at my son. I am sure I would not kill him. I’d try to deal with him by giving Him my best animal or something. The fact that Abraham didn’t have to kill his son proves God’s great love for all people and Abraham had great faith.

Or how about David? He was going to kill that big giant, Goliath, with only one stone! Goliath was over nine feet tall, and he was broad too. The Bible didn’t give David’s measurements, it just said he was small and frail. He threw the stone and the giant fell. Of course he knew God was with him, but it still took great faith for that young boy, David!

I have many stories I could tell you, but I’ll just tell you a couple. Can you imagine a guy like Noah  building that huge boat in the desert? Everyone was laughing at him, but he kept on building because God had told him to. In the end it was worth it because the rains covered the earth. That took great faith too. Let’s not forget Joshua. He was told by God to take the children of Israel with him and walk around the city of Jericho seven times and on the seventh time the people should give a loud shout and the walls of the city would fall down. It did and they won that battle! That surely took wild faith, didn’t it?

But Jesus tells us that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can tell the mountain to fall down and it will. Now the mustard seed is very tiny but I guess we all have very little faith. We do know of people who can’t swim yet go out in the river and save someone they don’t even know. And we have known soldiers who have saved many lives. And we know a very loving God who gives us faith to do something we ordinarily wouldn’t think of doing. Let’s ask God for greater faith and leave the harder things to Him. Okay?

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