March Madness Is Here!

I got interested in March Madness this year because I have followed Wisconsin’s team. I have always followed the team wether it was basketball or football.  I lived in Wisconsin all during my first marriage and I buried my husband there. He earned his Master’s degree in Oregon so I’m also interested in their team.

This year, however, I filed out MY brackets and found out that I had Wisconsin playing Oregon for the champion game! And, it’s still a possibility! so I am a fan of March Madness even though I know many people gamble on these games. That I don’t agree with.

But, I think there is a far worse March Madness happening here in America and that is the thousands of people who, not only carry signs, but they are burning cars, killing policemen and breaking store windows too. Some of these are protesting because the wrong person speak at their college. Some are protesting the election. I am 90 years young and I’ve never seen anything like this. I am aware of our Constitution which says everyone has the right to speak but these protestors are doing far worse.

Why don’t we listen to those who don’t agree with the speaker who has been engaged to speak at any college? You might hear something you hadn’t heard before. And why keep on protesting the election? It was held over two months ago! You are hurting our country by keeping on this way. We talk about unity but we are far from united. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get together and each one of us do what we can to improve the things that are wrong in our wonderful country? That’s what I call “March Togetherness”.




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