Do You Have a Heavy burden?

You have all seen the poster where a man meets a boy carrying another boy who seems to have hurt himself. The man asks the boy, “Isn’t that load too much for you?” The boy answers him: “Oh, he ain’t heavy mister, he’s my brother.”

The story goes on, in my version: The man says, “Oh but I am working for Jesus now, so it’s Jesus who takes your heavy load from you. Isn’t it okay then for me to take that heavy load off you, even if your load is your brother?”

“I guess so, if you are really working for Jesus.” The boy is a little hesitant, but gives his burden to Jesus.

We all are working for him, if we believe him. The boy was working for Jesus when he tried to carry your brother. I wish everyone had an attitude of love for everyone they might meet. Jesus had an attitude of love when He died for each of us and he asks each one of us to have love for the people we could help. If you can’t actually carry his load, Just show him you love him by a smile or a word

Novelist  and minister Ian Maclaren wrote:    be kind, everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden. as you meet people today bring with you an attitude of love. Though you cannot see how they react, You will still be a blessing to them.



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