Discouragements, Not Welcome!

My family is going through a rough week. My daughter has been diagnosed with pneumonia, only she doesn’t seem to follow orders from her doctor. I called her and found she was driving to a town nearly 100 miles away! I figured she should be in bed. Then I found out my teenager grand daughter is taking drugs and alcohol and hanging out with s0me bad kids! Then I got a phone call! My son has an infection in the foot he has gout in and his kidneys are not working so he must go on kidney dialasis. He has found out that he must have the foot and a part of the leg cut off! I urge your prayers for my son.

Anyhow my mind wheeled around and, yes, I worried. In fact I didn’t sleep that night but I have come to what I have always known, but haven’t always done. I gave it all to God. It was the only thing I could do. Worry does no good at all. But He can handle my son, daughter and grand daughter just fine. He loves each one of them. And, thank you God, He loves me too! But I’ll keep on praying. God demands that.

He loves you too. Don’t forget that. When you get discouraged. Don’t worry. Just turn the thing that has your mind wheeling around over to God. His love is boundless and forever. and when He created all the beauty around us, certainly He can handle our problems. can’t He?



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