I’m Glad There Is An Easter

I noticed there is a difference in the way Easter is depicted this year, at least on television. There seems to be less bunnies and colored eggs and more of the old films which show the death and resurrection of Jesus. Even the ads showing bunnies and colored eggs seem to be less this year. Although the world goes on thinking Easter is a day set aside for the beginning of  Spring. It is, but it’s because He lives!

I didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday. I believe this was the first time in my life. I didn’t get together with my children and grandchildren for dinner at my daughter’s home either! I just sat in my chair watching the Trailblazers basketball team lose, and feeling sorry for myself. Later in the day I listened to a sermon which stated that if we walk with God, He knows everything about us and puts us just where we would learn the most about Him. I thought,”What am I learning by staying home sick from church and the dinner at my daughter’s home?”

So I placed myself at home 2000 years ago just before the resurrection, I was watching the kids outside playing games, but not really watching, just sadly reflecting on what had just happened. The Jesus I had followed and loved had suffered a terrible death. I had really thought he was the Son of God but now He was dead! How could He be the Son of God? But then, He defeated death and rose up from the dead. He walked many places and 500 people saw him alive! He didn’t have the same body though, and could walk through walls at will! But it was Jesus!

We should all put ourselves there, just before the resurrection. We would feel bad, really bad. Our teacher is dead! And when we see him again, He is alive! He had conquered death and was alive! Wouldn’t our feelings about Easter be changed? I know my little thoughts Made a difference for me. Easter made a difference for me. I knew all those things but playacting them in my mind brought joy. We should remember His resurrection every day of our lives!






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