What Is Faith?

Faith is when you come into a room and sit down on a chair. You have faith that the chair will hold you. You don’t even look, you just sit down. Why is it that we often don’t have faith to believe that Jesus once said He will never leave us or forsake us and God said He would keep us like a mother hen hides her chicks under her wings. Instead, we complain, “No one knows or even cares about me.” Oh, but that just shows we have so little faith, doesn’t it?

Let’s take another look at it. Do you put the letter in a mailbox and let it go? Or do you hang on to  a corner of the envelope and then wonder why the answer never comes? It’s the same with faith. It hands that thing you are worrying about over to God, allowing Him to work on it. The Bible says “Commit your way unto the Lord, trust in Him and He will do this.” We must commit to the Lord and let it go.”

I found this out when I was praying often to God to heal my son, the one who recently had a bad infection in his foot and his leg needed to be cut off. I was praying all the time, and I was praying urgently too. A voice inside of me gave me that Bible verse. I thought about it and then committed Jim to the Lord and didn’t pray any more. I let it go and let God do what must be done.

He did have his leg cut off but he is fine. God has done what we wanted , to make him well again. He is in rehabilitation now, learning how to live without his leg. Now, if only we could trust in God like we do when we sit down on a chair, we would have more of our prayers answered. Remember, He sometimes answers in ways we don’t understand and sometimes He just says “No”. Isn’t it

Isn’t it better to sit down, In God’s chair, and pray. Then trust him to have an answer. The answer might surprise you, but later on, you’ll know it was the best answer of all!


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