Should Christians join together?

I’m sure you remember the story of Joshua in the Old Testament. Most of these Old Testament stories were told to us when we went to Sunday School and we have never forgotten them. Joshua was told by a Captain of the  Lord’s Army that he was to take the city of Jericho and he did just what the Captain told him. He gathered all the people, the seven trumpeters and the high priests around him. First, they marched around the city and then went back to their camp. Then they marched around the city seven times silently, they were not to speak at all. At the end of the seventh time, he yelled “shout” and all the people shouted and the trumpeters sounded their horns. The walls of the city fell down! They took the city!

I imagine the people were confused and probably felt a little silly marching around the city, and seven times at that! But it worked! There are a lot of Christians in America today.  We should join together, regardless of things that are different. We all believe that God sent his son, Jesus, into the world to suffer and die for our sins and that he rose from the dead on Easter morning, don’t we? Well, if we joined together we’d get rid of the noisy crowd that seems to show up to break windows and set fire to cars every weekend. We would also insist that everyone who wanted to would be able to speak at our colleges! I think we would be like Joshua and the city of Jericho, don’t you?

It’s something we should think about if we want to save our country. There are several other things that really hurt our country too, but I think we should begin with those crowds, intent on changing our constitution and the good things that America has always offered.


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