Forgive and Forget

One day Martha said to Betty, “Do you remember the time you hit me just because you wanted the swing and it was my turn?”

Betty answered her, “Have you kept this dumb thing in your mind all these years? No, I haven’t thought about it. That happened over thirty years ago! And besides, I’m sure I said I’m sorry.”

However, isn’t that what we do? We sin and ask for forgiveness. God forgives us because He gave us his son, Jesus to die that horrible death on the cross, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference to us. We ask for forgiveness for the same sin again, and again. Not only that, but we dwell on the same sin just as if He hadn’t forgiven us.

The Bible says that once we have asked for forgiveness, He forgives and puts the sin as far as the east is from the west. He remembers it no more and that is what makes us free, yes free indeed! If we keep on thinking about that sin, we never can feel free.

I have felt, for a long time, that my sins have to be forgiven over and over again and since I believed that now these sins are forgiven, they are forgiven and forgotten by God because of His son, Jesus. Of course I have to be forgiven by the new sins I have committed. I seem to say or do things wrong all the time!  But, I am free, and free indeed!

I was thinking about this recently when a friend said she wishes she hadn’t done what she did. We all do, but we can be free just by asking God to forgive us and then forget it just as God does. Isn’t He wonderful?


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