A Faithful Bridge Builder

I wonder what God is thinking as He watches humanity today. In Old Testament times, folks weren’t following his rules, even the rulers and priests of the temple were high and mighty, ruling from their heads, not their hearts. We think of a peaceful countryside when the baby Jesus was born, That would be nice, but the area around Bethlehem was anything but peaceful! The Roman government, who owned them was extremely harsh to the Jewish people who wanted their own government. There were many killings, beatings, rapes and everything evil  you can think of. Yet God brought forth Jesus. The killings and rapes continued. God could not look at the wickedness and we humans could not come to God.

The wickedness continued but more and more folks learned from Jesus and opened their hearts to Him and God was no longer a stranger, but their Father! Yes, God could have left things as they were, but instead He built a bridge between Jesus and himself. All of us, who will, can come to God in prayer because Jesus was willing to die for all our sins. And, He rose from the dead and is with the Father right now.

However, God loves all of us equally and  doesn’t want anyone to perish, and that brings up YOU.  We have to talk to anyone and everyone and try not to let any buddy go until they make a choice. the pastors can’t do it alone because most of these folks don’t go to church!

The problem is our world is as wicked as it was in Bethlehem when Jesus was born, only there are more folks around..I’m sure that God has tears in his eyes, but He has a smile too, for the thousands of us who have answered the call. I think you want your neighbor and friends to walk on that bridge, accepting what God has done through Jesus, our Savior.


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