Why Do They Hate Him So Much?

I am 91 years old and I can’t remember any president who was hated just for winning an election. Sometimes there has been a left down feeling as they had voted for the other candidate, but they soon were on board with the new president. That surely isn’t what is happening today.

While it is true that President Trump was never a politician, but was rather a well known business man, we know that several of our presidents were not known for being political, President Regan was a Hollywood star for instance. President Obama didn’t have much experience either.

But I have heard President Trump called many awful names. He has been the subject of an impeachment order in Congress. People have talked about having him killed. They laugh about what he is doing and now I have heard crazy things about his first trip overseas. They think “draining the swamp” is funny but what he is finding out now shows that the swamp really needs draining.

I believe we are Americans and should respect our President, no matter what! I didn’t like some of the things President Obama did, but I never talked bad about him. I can’t imagine who these people are who say such things about our president. I hear it is the Democrats, but I have heard several Democrats who don’t talk that way. I wish that the bashing of our President Trump would end. He is our president now and he is doing great things.

I don’t know why I decided to write this kind of blog. It certainly isn’t my usual kind of banter. But I heard so much from television and my friends that my “GramMa’s Thoughts just came to me.


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