Everything Is Included

George was given a ticket to go on a cruise by his wealthy brother. He was very excited and couldn’t wait until the departure date. George had worked very hard for many years and this was his retirement gift.

The time finally came. George had packed his suitcase and a bag to hold his sandwiches to eat while he was traveling. He had decided he didn’t have enough money to eat in “that fancy eating place,” So, at mealtime, he sat in a corner where he wouldn’t be seen, and ate his sandwiches.

One day a man came by his corner and saw him eating. “Don’t you know everything is included, your meals can be eaten here too.”

George couldn’t believe it, but he ate the rest of his meals at “That fancy eating place” and really enjoyed himself.

It’s the same for all of us. So many folks work hard expecting their work will  let them go to heaven. They say “yes” to every committee in church, and work every time something opens up. Now, these items need people,  but if you are working hard in order to get into heaven, you are wrong. Jesus says we should come, his yolk is easy and our burdens will be light, because he will carry them.

All we have to do is Come, believe his birth, death and resurrection, ask for forgiveness of all your sins and follow Jesus. Of course, this has to be from your heart not your mouth. And everything is included, not only the forgiveness of your sin, but Jesus will come and live with you, comfort you when you are sad and take your burdens, which are many times very heavy. Isn’t that great!

You won’t have to eat your sandwiches in a corner, but you can eat your steak in “that fancy eating place”. COME!


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